Be Patient Let God Do the Rest



Worldly things easily fades away if we focus on the material things they will separate us from God. A lot of us easily get mad, disappointed and discouraged and I am guilty on that. Whenever we need something sometimes we want it as soon as possible if we can’t have it on time we question God for not granting, we question why this and why that without even asking ourselves “Did I ask God for this by the way?” In the bible said Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Everything is planned and come in God’s perfect time, all we have to do is BE PATIENT, believe and He will give everything according His will. Just like the ticking of the clock, there is no short cut to achieve one day, it takes a thousand tickings to reach one day much more in a year.

If we think that God fails, then we’re absolutely right but just in the wrong side of the road.   What is happening to us  right now has a purpose and reasons and God will explain it in his perfect time. Just Be patient and let God do the rest.

May God feeds our hungry soul, hungry from these worldly things that blocked and prevented us to seek His kingdom and may He bless us the wisdom so we can understand more the meaning of being patient.